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A worldwide exclusive diamond cut

Exclusively designed for us and the only cut of this kind in the world, Beyond Brilliance diamonds create almost twice the flashes of light than other round brilliant diamonds, for sparkle that’s simply extraordinary.

With 100 facets radiating from the centre of each diamond, our Beyond Brilliance collection creates almost twice the flashes of light than the usual 57 round brilliant diamond.

Beyond Brilliance by Beaverbrooks

For sparkle that's simply extraordinary

Fall in love with breathtaking diamond rings and stunning jewellery.

Designed for extra brilliance and scintillation, this unique cutting pattern has taken years and years of careful craftsmanship to perfect. We’ve cut each diamond from the rough to create maximum sparkle.

Crafted from 18ct PureWhite™ gold, which is made exclusively with Canadian gold with a high palladium content for a bright white and highly durable finish, each Beyond Brilliance piece has a hidden infinity symbol, representing eternal love and romance.

Each diamond can be traced back to the exact location it was mined in Canada with its accompanying certificate. Use your diamond’s unique tracking number on our diamond tracker.