Mineral Resources International Inc., Annual Report

Mineral Resources International Inc. and Strathcona Mineral Resources Inc. commissioned me in 1985 , to travel to Nanisivik Mines, located on the north shore of Baffin Island near Arctic Bay. I was commissioned to paint scenes in and around the mine site, and given the freedom to paint whatever I desired. As I walked for miles on the shoreline of Stratchcona Sound, I met many Inuit children and women, whom I sketched and painted. I was taken down into the ‘room & pillar’ mine to sketch the miners at work, getting drawings for a ‘montage’ of Nanisivik. Many hours were spent painting in the midnight sun, a ‘magic moment’ with the Inuit children playing in the midnight sun. Shell Oil was at the mine sarching for more mineral deposits, and offered to take me in their helicopter. This gave me a different perspective and feeling for the whole area around Strathcona Sound and Arctic Bay, which I was able to use in my paintings.

Approximately 40 paintings were painted in watercolour and also in acrylic. A show of the work was held in the offices of Strathcona Mineral Resources in Toronto in 1988.

Queen’s Sports Hall of Fame

Queens University, Kingston Ontario