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Lois Dierlam – The Globe and Mail

The GLOBE AND MAIL NEWSPAPER, Saturday November 2 2013, published excerpts of an interview with Lois Dierlam.

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“We’ve got a great country here, that we don’t explore enough”. “It might not be an overstatement to suggest that Lois Dierlam was born to paint. Her father, Howard C. Dierlam Director of Art at the Toronto Board of Education until 1968, was her art instructor in her early years.”

The article tells of her Solo Art Show at the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto Nov.2013, along with her first book publication and launch, “PAINTING with PASSION”. The article also tells of her commissioned travel to the Arctic, which is a section in her book.

When Lois was asked about her feelings about the Arctic, she replied:

“People go travelling all over the world, but we’ve got a great country here that people don’t explore enough, especially the wilderness”.

Lois Dierlam has travelled, and hiked, extensively: England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Isreal, Thailand, India, Greece, China, South America, Mexico, USA, as well as coast to coast in Canada,(including B.C. wilderness).