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Intellias will propel you into the connected future with IoT solutions and services powered by advanced analytics. Streamline your business ops, increase predictability, and lower your total cost of ownership with data-based insights, automated processes, and control over your mission-critical assets.

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Challenges we solve

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  • Ensure high-value physical assets’ reliability

    Leverage data insights and centralized monitoring to enhance reliability, detect issues, and predictive maintenance, streamline processes, and scale with asset growth

  • Control equipment utilization throughout its lifecycle

    Maintain control and optimize equipment health and utilization at every stage, ensuring prudent decisions concerning equipment investments

  • Manage condition-based asset maintenance

    Enhance asset management, real-time visibility and monitoring, as well as security and access control ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency

  • Save big on data-driven facility management

    Facilitate data flows precisely as required, enabling informed decision-making, minimized energy usage, heightened occupant comfort, and enhanced overall performance

  • Address safety issues before they arise

    Proactively prevent business processes and workplace issues with early warnings, maintenance optimization, and smart resource allocation, ensuring safety compliance

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Intellias IoT services

Intellias consulting and custom IoT technology solutions enable businesses to manage their operational efficiency, set up processes, and gain cross-company visibility by integrating physical objects into a hyper-connected digital ecosystem built around end users. The Internet of Things services in our portfolio range from embedded and connectivity solutions to platforms backed by AI-powered analytics.

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IoT solutions we offer

IntelliTwin – an AI-based digital twin platform

AI- and cloud-based software platform that enables modelling of visual 3D twins for various types of facilities or infrastructure objects, defining a standard for such modelling. The platform provides mechanisms to seamlessly integrate with any existing type of IoT devices and standards. It also offers the capability to apply or emulate behavior using artificial intelligence (AI), as well as provides an interface for facilitating scenario development following low-code/no-code pattern.

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IoT solutions we offer

Prefix – industrial-focused predictive maintenance concept

An intelligent microservices-based IoT platform for collecting, storing, and analyzing real-time data. The concept enables correct interpretation of sensor data which in turn allows to apply that data onto predictive maintenance models to minimize repairs and system damage. Such solution helps to detect anomalies and provide early warnings and prevent potential failures of critical equipment.

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