Suspect a scammer?
Here is what to do.

A short guide to stay alert to employment scams

What’s the problem?

As the world goes digital, the number of online scams is rapidly increasing. Scammers use corporate brands and logos to post fake job descriptions and vacancies on job sites and to make fraudulent job offers. Their main objective is to trick you into sending them money or sharing your personal information. Unfortunately, the Intellias brand name and logo have also been used for employment scams. Learn more about phishing and recruitment fraud to stay safe.

Types of employment scams

Generally, there are two common types of employment scams: recruitment fraud and fake company representatives

Recruitment fraud

Scammers pose as recruiters or employers, sending candidates job offers and promising them official employment. At some point, scammers use one of these phishing techniques:

  • Candidates are asked to pay up front for application fees or credit checks.
  • Candidates are asked to buy work equipment before starting their employment. Scammers send fake checks to “cover” expenses and ask their victims to return any remaining funds.

Fake company representatives

Scammers pose as company representatives and ask for personal or financial information, allegedly needed to do a credit or background check. The most frequently used job titles and formats for this type of scam are:

  • Mystery shopper
  • Work from home
  • First or part-time jobs
  • Re-shipping

How to stay safe from scams

If a job offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. To stay out of trouble, rely on your critical thinking and look out for the following red flags:

Money inquiries

Intellias never asks candidates for money at any stage of the recruitment process.

Employment contracts

We never sign contracts via email – employment contracts are signed offline or via secure applications.

Bank and money checks

Intellias never uses any type of bank or other checks to cover candidates’ expenses.

Fishy emails

Our emails always come from an address ending with We never use,, or other email addresses during the recruitment process.

No interviews

Our recruitment process consists of many stages: a tech interview, a chat with the manager, etc. We talk with our candidates offline or via video calls. If you only communicate via email, it might be a scam.

Not sure who you are talking to? Something feels off about a vacancy or a job offer? Send us a direct message and we will help you clear things up.

Contact Intellias at:

[email protected]

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