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Help your customers enjoy their journeys tailored to their needs with travel technology solutions. Focus on what matters to your travel and hospitality business: the travelers and their connected experience. Intellias will do the rest – implement scalable and robust digital solutions, design superb UX, build powerful APIs, integrate CRM and payment systems, or deliver elegant automations.

We help travel and hospitality sector suppliers, distributors, and travel technology providers grow revenue and improve efficiency while amplifying sustainable guest service.

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Our services to fit your business needs

Digital infrastructure & cloud adoption

Deliver superior customer experiences through a guided adoption of resilient and scalable cloud tools and processes thus reducing IT infrastructure costs, advancing sustainability, and prioritizing spending on innovation.

Security risk and management

Safeguard your business operations and customers with regulatory conformant applications and platforms while staying on top of cyber threats with the right security protection in place.

IoT solutions

Elevate your travel experiences with IoT solutions that seamlessly connect devices, enhance safety, and streamline operations for a smoother journey.

Integration and customization

Transform travel experiences through flexible digital platforms and custom middleware, delivered as IT-as-a-service. Our technological solutions, modern systems, and tailored enhancements ensure compliance with regulations and customer demands for seamless interoperability and connectivity.

Data and analytics

Unlock the full potential of your travel business through data, AI&ML and evidence-based insights to transform your service offering into a market-leading product, build long-lasting customer relationships, and improve your margins.

Experience design

Stay in tune with the hyper-connected environment and transform your service delivery into personalized and relevant customer experiences by applying a combination of strategy, product, design, and technology capabilities.

Make your digital travel solution a success with a trusted technology provider.

Who we serve


  • Lodging providers
  • Rail tour operators
  • Airlines
  • Ground transportation
  • Ships/boats tour operators
  • Tour / activity agencies
  • Food & beverage bookings


  • Global distribution systems (Sabre Corp, Travel Port)
  • Online travel agencies (OTAs)
  • Travel management companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour operators
  • Wholesalers
  • Supplier direct bookings

Our experts

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Fritz Oberhummer

Vice President, Travel & Hospitality

Fritz leads Intellias Travel & Hospitality division, driving collaborations with Suppliers, Distributors, and Travel Technology players worldwide.
With over 25 years of industry expertise, Fritz brings a wealth of domain knowledge in travel and technology to our partnerships, helping companies in their digital endeavors.

Artem Barsukov

Artem Barsukov

Senior Delivery Manager/Head of Travel and Hospitality Unit

Artem’s career has revolved around the IT sector, where he has excelled in various roles, including project management and delivery management. An accomplished executive with a track record of building diverse teams and shipping blockbuster products across enterprise customers as well as high-growth startups. His professional skills and innovative approach to business value delivery have helped mission-driven organizations leverage the power of digital technology to maximize their impact.
Artem is also a contributing writer and a frequent speaker at conferences and community events.

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