Corporate Responsibility

Bringing together smart technology and human-to-human culture to find solutions to the challenges of today and harness the opportunities of tomorrow. We, at Intellias, use the power of technology to help businesses, communities, and individuals build a more resilient future and make our world a better place.

Our approach

Intellias Corporate Responsibility Program 2025 spans environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The Program is our firm commitment to help our people, communities, and the wider world build a future-focused model where economic growth is achieved without compromising the value of individuals, society, and the environment.

We are driven by a people-first culture in making strategic decisions and in our everyday work, whenever it concerns employee experience, establishing relations with our stakeholders, or investing in society.

Our priorities & focus areas

Environmental sustainability

At Intellias, we encourage environmental stewardship and awareness to drive meaningful climate action.
Our programs offer our people opportunities to channel their enthusiasm for improving the environment. Steps we take include initiatives to encourage green office behavior, waste management, recycling, responsible consumption of natural resources, and net-zero emissions.

Sustainable mobility

We are actively promoting ecological means of transportation among our employees and in society, including our Ecomobility summer flagship project: a set of activities that foster bike culture across various social groups and demographics. In just one year, it was supported by almost a million people and engaged 400 employees.

As a technology company, Intellias advocates innovative eco-friendly cities. Sustainable mobility is the bottleneck of Smart Cities of the future. We are involved in developing smart urban mobility solutions that reduce the vehicle carbon footprint, protect people’s health, and build sustainable cities of the future.

Tech for a greener future

Intellias experts implemented a proprietary Environmental Management System (EMS). The ISO-conformant EMS is specifically designed to achieve company-wide environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of its environmental performance.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility at Intellias is about leading with purpose while shaping an equitable society. We help guide personal missions through a unique people-centric company culture, a healthy working environment, meaningful career opportunities, and many other social topics. This is done in partnership with our people, charity organizations, educational initiatives, leading social innovators, nonprofits, and communities.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Intellias is committed to being an equal opportunity employer embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and in society.

The Intellias Code of Corporate Ethics together with our responsible parenthood, gender equality, anti-harassment, and nondiscrimination policies incorporate our company-wide Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion principles and values into our daily work. The Intellias Ethics Committee is responsible for all employees complying with the Code and policies.

Intellias adopted the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles as part of our commitment to promoting gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The IntelliWomen community, a unique company-wide platform that boosts personal and professional growth, is aimed at advocating gender equality within the company and in society. Our IntelliFamily project is purposed to provide parental care support and encouragement as part of the company’s family-friendly policies, helping parents balance and benefit from both work and family life.

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A bias-free work culture with equitable access to opportunities for growth and professional development is integral to the Intellias DNA. Our priority is to reach the potential of every employee through professional education and development. The Intellias Center of Excellence community stimulates further professional accomplishments and inspires that spirit in others. On top of a range of internal professional advancement programs, our experts contribute to the development of IT education within their communities and globally. IntelliStart ІТ-school is an educational hub, designed and led by Intellias employees for those who would like to start their IT careers. Intellias experts are speakers at high-profile events like Next Generation Tech, CES, Automotive Tech Week Europe, contributors to MOOCs, and mentors at the Hour of Code global initiative.

Charity & volunteering

Intellias is guided by responsible charity principles and uses the power of technology to make fundraising as effective as possible. Our specialists volunteer, take part in pro-bono activities, and support non-profit organizations and charity initiatives. As a mature and purposeful business, it’s our strategic imperative to enable business value through sustainable technology innovation while cultivating social accountability and a sense of responsibility.
We’ve built our internal digital crowdfunding platform IntelliShare to support social philanthropy actions and fundraising initiatives. For over 10 years, Intellias has been an active participant in the IT community program helping kids who are cancer survivors.

Awards & recognitions

UN women

Intellias recognized as an Equal Opportunity Employer by UN Women

cropped-CSR-Logo-1 1

Intellias received
the Best CSR Case Award


Forbes ranks Intellias
as #1 IT Employer


Intellias named Employer of Choice for Professionals by EY Ukraine


Intellias recognized as one of Top Family-Friendly Companies by UNFPA

logo Ucycle 1

Intellias won the award "Bicycle-Friendly Employer of the Year" from UCycle

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