Intellias guides its clients through the maze of advanced technology trends and delivers complex solutions that unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams. Our multi-domain experience and solid expertise in a variety of technology stacks make us a trustworthy partner for innovation-intensive projects of any scale involving AI/ML, IoT, data engineering, and emerging technology services like computer vision, RPA, and digital twins.

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Our advanced technology services

  • Big data engineering

    Gain full and undivided control over your cloud data environment and orchestrate multiple concurrent data pipelines with unprecedented effectiveness

  • Artificial intelligence

    Harness the virtually unlimited power of lightning-fast, self-learning algorithms for computer vision, voice recognition, and real-time data analysis

  • Internet of Things

    Manage fleets of connected devices, capture multiple data streams, analyze them, and use your findings to streamline your business processes

  • Robotic process automation

    Take advantage of deep automation frameworks to speed up your workflows, increase their throughput, boost data processing accuracy, and keep risks at bay

Big data engineering

Big data solution design
Data collection and transformation
Data pipeline setup and orchestration

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Creation of custom ML models
Dataset creation, classification, and labeling
Neural network training and refinement

Internet of Things (IoT)

End-to-end IoT system development
Low-level IoT security
Deployment and support of IoT systems

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA-enablement of existing workflows
Development of RPA bots of any complexity
Creation of enterprise-wide automation frameworks

Advanced technology in action

AI and ML are taking the automotive business to the next level of efficiency. Mohamed-Achref Maiza, a senior data scientist at Renault, sheds light on how to boost quality control and transform the automotive domain with advanced technology.

Big data and AI are quickly becoming a new goldmine for banks. Luis Moreira-Matias, Head of Data Science at Kreditech, shares his thoughts on the role of AI in the banking industry and explains how advanced technology helps refine traditional credit scoring.

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Why Intellias?

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Technology office

Our technology office is your first step on the emerging technology innovation path. Our experts will assess your challenges and advise you on the most future-proof and cost-efficient way of dealing with them.

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Internal R&D projects

Originating from our Centers of Excellence, our internal R&D projects aim to put to the test our knowledge and expertise in the advanced technology domain and prepare us for delivering tangible value to our clients.

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Cross-industry expertise

Technologies are rarely used in isolation. We deliver advanced technology solutions in all key areas of expertise and take advantage of the cross-pollination effect at the intersection of different disciplines.

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Centers of Excellence

Intellias created a number of Centers of Excellence to bring together our top engineering talent, establish and maintain best practices, and explore such advanced technology areas as AM/ML, Big Data, RPA, and IoT, among others.

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Cybersecurity practices

Intellias fully recognizes the importance of data security for advanced technologies in software development. Our cybersecurity practices span the entire range of our services and ensure that our clients’ data never gets compromised.

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Culture of innovation

Delivering business value to our clients through advanced technology has been our mission since day one. As a company, we do our best to cultivate a culture of continuous innovation, improvement, and professional growth.

Success stories

eHealth concept powered by the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

An internal project codenamed IntelliAedes was completed as part of R&D activities for the company’s healthcare practice. This concept summarizes the theoretical and practical knowledge of our experts and our combined vision for the future of the industry. The solution aimed to address three major healthcare challenges: preventive care for patients with chronic conditions, deep personalization of patient care, prediction of health risks and medical outcomes.

Real-time big data analytics and temperature-monitoring platform

Intellias developed and implemented a cloud-based big data analytics and visualization platform for a large chain of retail stores in the Baltic region. The solution aggregated readings from hundreds of sensors installed in refrigeration units at 125 European locations and combined them to offer a virtually real-time snapshot of the status of the equipment. This has enabled the client to optimize power consumption and save on maintenance costs, as well as to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements across the entire supply chain.

Vertical farming solution powered by IoT connectivity

Intellias assembled a team of 8 highly qualified IoT and AI engineers who helped a client from Germany build a fully automated lighting and microclimate management solution for an innovative vertical-farm facility. The system is capable of monitoring plant development using computer vision, automatically adjusting lighting and humidity for optimal crop growth, measuring temperature and CO2 in real-time, and generally controlling the operation of the farm according to preconfigured plant profiles and growth scenarios.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution for a learning app

The client, an Austrian EdTech company, hired a team of Intellias engineers with deep expertise in the eLearning and EdTech industry to develop an NLP-powered learning app based on the best scientific approaches to language learning. With built-in AI capabilities, the app was able to provide instant feedback to users, gamify the learning process for better user engagement and learning performance, and perform deep semantic analysis of text and voice input. As a result, the product was recognized by the world’s most renowned publishing houses and became a leading language-learning app in the DACH region and other geographies.
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