Intellias Partners with BlackBerry to Leverage the Power of the BlackBerry IVY Platform

Intellias elevates its automotive and mobility expertise with in-demand platforms and tools by partnering with BlackBerry

Chicago, IL – January 5, 2024– Intellias, a leading software engineering partner to automotive OEMs and mobility solution providers, today announced a technology partnership with BlackBerry Limited. Under this new partnership, Intellias will become a domain expert for integrating the BlackBerry IVY® connected vehicle data platform into its clients’ automotive reference designs, enabling the rapid creation of exceptional in-vehicle experiences for consumers and enterprises alike.

BlackBerry IVY is hardware agnostic, based on industry standards and provides ready-made software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for simple services integration at the vehicle edge. By integrating and using IVY™, Intellias will be able to streamline the software development and testing process for its clients. Coupling this with integration tools and easy-to-use operational workflows, Intellias will be able to deliver cutting-edge customer software solutions, keeping pace with the evolving mobility landscape.

Our partnership with Intellias will ensure that the auto industry can access BlackBerry IVY through a world class system integrator. It will provide our mutual customers with software development scale and agility, allowing them to efficiently harness the power of in-vehicle data to create innovative mobility service and applications. This, in turn, introduces a raft of exciting new business opportunities for the automotive industry.

Vito Giallorenzo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry IVY

The first step of the collaboration is to integrate BlackBerry IVY into the new version of the Intellias Automotive Portable Kit (IntelliKit 2.0), a fully functional digital cockpit prototype that showcases the seamless integration of diverse hardware and software components using modern frameworks and tools. The latest IntelliKit 2.0 is based on Qualcomm SA8295P 4th generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform with integration of Rightware’s Kanzi One HMI kit and BlackBerry IVY connected vehicle data platform.

Integration with the BlackBerry IVY platform and application of its abstraction levels enable Intellias to use a wide range of hardware and frameworks in IntelliKit 2.0. All updates and improvements could be performed without rewriting core programs or any significant changes in the architecture thanks to IVY functionality, which enables simplified, flexible, and future-proof integration with a wide range of hardware and third-party tools.

Our partnership with BlackBerry is a strategic move towards enhancing the automotive experience of our partners and customers. We’re accessing an ecosystem that unlocks real-time vehicle insights, creating opportunities for unprecedented in-vehicle services and innovations. On top of that, BlackBerry IVY as a platform allows to standardize hardware abstraction level API and enables SDV features using advanced IVY infrastructure. Together with BlackBerry, we’re not only looking to the future of automotive software solutions – we’re actively defining it.

Sergii Shcherbakov, Delivery Director, Head of Embedded and Automotive Unit at Intellias

Intellias values the opportunity to become a core part of the BlackBerry partner ecosystem.
Application of the BlackBerry IVY platform will enable Intellias to provide up-to-date services to automakers and Tier 1 suppliers by harnessing the power of vehicle data. By utilizing the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) vehicle signal specification (VSS) data standardization model already widely adopted by OEMs, BlackBerry IVY optimizes data processing across diverse in-vehicle systems at the vehicle edge. This results in faster and more effective innovation, creating new data-based services for automotive and mobility clients, reducing operational costs of development, and introducing new business models. This partnership is a crucial step for Intellias in creating cutting-edge solutions for connected vehicles and autonomous driving.

Our partnership with BlackBerry is a significant milestone. BlackBerry IVY, a transformative in-vehicle software platform, empowers us to innovate faster by standardizing and processing vehicle data. It reduces costs, introduces new business models, and streamlines development with a comprehensive SDK, reaffirming our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

Adam Konopa, Mobility Digital Technology Director at Intellias

In January 2024, Intellias will present its all-new version of the IntelliKit 2.0 at CES 2024, featuring Qualcomm hardware and powered by innovative technologies from our partners: the BlackBerry IVY connected vehicle data platform and Rightware with their Kanzi One HMI all-in-one toolchain. Starting with the integration of the BlackBerry IVY platform into IntelliKit 2.0, Intellias plans to use full capabilities of edge computing that allow minimizing data transfer to the cloud. In the future, Intellias will utilize BlackBerry IVY in industry-wide use cases for comfort and infotainment systems, in-vehicle security, and ADAS feature development.

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