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Innovative Software for Construction of Solar Power Plants

We’re developing modern software for construction management across solar energy projects to track progress and get analytical insights

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Project highlights

  • Track progress across multiple projects for efficient planning
  • Streamline status updates with high usability and performance
  • Get metrics and analytical insights to make informed decisions
Energy, Construction
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Team size:
10 engineers
November 2020 – present

Business challenge

Moss & Associates is one of the largest construction companies in the US and is renowned for its sustainability, innovation, integrity, and transparency. As part of their solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, the company designs and installs photovoltaic (PV) racking systems for power suppliers, contributing to a cleaner energy future. Moss needed software for construction management to provide holistic status overviews, metrics, and analytics at all stages of multiple ongoing projects.

Moss’ existing solution didn’t completely address the company’s business needs, with many operations performed using spreadsheets and direct database inputs without centralized integration. To implement digital transformation in construction, Moss was looking for a technology partner among construction software companies to revamp their solution by improving its performance and usability. Drawing on our expertise in software development for the renewable energy sector, we helped them build a new web app to track PV installation progress from a project’s start through operations and analytics.

Innovative Software for Construction of Solar Power Plants

Solution delivered

Digital transformation in construction

We started by carefully gathering and analyzing requirements to reveal the needs that software construction industry giants like Moss have in their operational activities. Based on this analysis, we discovered Moss’ business needs, defined user requirements, and outlined and prioritized features to develop. Following a productive discovery phase, we split the scope into two consecutive releases — first delivering functionality for project setup and operations, then implementing the analytics part in the second round.

As a pioneer of digital transformation in the construction industry, Moss sought assistance setting up processes for construction software development. For this, we configured and maintained an entirely new infrastructure based on the AWS cloud and introduced tools and environments for building construction software solutions. With our hands-on approach and strong engineering team, we became Moss’ key partner in construction management app development. Our effective use of emerging technologies set a solid foundation for Moss to advance digitalization in the construction industry.

Web application for solar construction management

We are developing a web app for internal use by Moss’ system administrators, field workers, construction managers, and decision-makers at all stages of the solar power plant building process. This tool tracks progress across multiple projects to facilitate effective operations from project initiation through the production phase and on to analytical reporting based on accomplished work.

To design software for construction management that fulfilled Moss’ current business needs, we developed a brand-new architecture and UI to build a robust and modern end-to-end solution. We also significantly expanded the app’s functionality to improve user workflows, increase efficiency, speed up data exchange, and optimize operations with construction software technology.

The app we built comprises three functional blocks — project setup, productivity, and analytics. First, administrators initiate a project in the app by configuring required parameters and uploading source data. Then engineers working in the field report on the status of work using the app’s geospatial and CAD visualization capabilities. This further allows construction managers to track adherence to project timelines and provides analytical insights for executives to make informed decisions.

Tailored design and successful launch

In developing our clients’ software for construction management, we relied on user experience best practices. To ensure the app’s simplicity and ease of use, we employed prototyping and usability testing throughout the entire construction software development process. Based on our findings and heat map analysis, we enhanced the design by including essential accessibility features for people with low vision.

As field workers use the app on their tablets and managers and executives use it in their office environments, we implemented an adaptive design to fit various screen sizes. The app’s offline mode allows for adding status updates in the field without internet connectivity and syncing them once reconnected.

Working closely with Moss, we helped them fine-tune their business logic to cut overhead and streamline operations. During our onsite trip to support the soft launch of the new app, we gathered initial customer feedback, ran a series of field tests, and promptly communicated the need for refinements directly to developers. After the official release, users were delighted with Moss’ software for construction management, reporting increased efficiency in their operational activities. In future releases, the app will include financial indicators such as material costs and work hours as well as integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Business outcome

The app’s success and ROI affirmed Moss’ vision of promoting digital transformation within their organization and digitalization in the construction industry as a whole. Moss improved their operations by replacing extensive, time-consuming manual work with construction software solutions. This pilot project delivered by Intellias for Moss’ solar division brought tangible benefits that optimized the company’s business intelligence infrastructure:

  • Introduced an integrated solution for construction management, providing role-based access to features from project setup and field work to analytics at the executive level
  • Enhanced user workflows by fine-tuning business logic and eliminating unnecessary overhead to foster efficient operations
  • Enabled faster information exchange and increased performance, with centralized progress visibility and status tracking across solar EPC projects
  • Adopted the latest technologies in cloud computing, along with tools and techniques for software development and maintenance

As Moss continues to digitalize its business processes, Intellias will remain their reliable partner in this digital transformation journey, building high-performing software for construction management.

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