Digitally Mature Logistics: Conquering the Waves of Technological Disruption

The importance of logistics is soaring while the readiness of logistics companies to innovate remains an open question. Logistics technologies and services providers can either become top-performing businesses or become rusty and irrelevant.

This whitepaper is aimed at helping logistics providers streamline their digital journeys. It provides a clear look at the multi-level pyramid of logistics technologies that make transparent supply chains achievable through data-driven intelligence, tangible automation, and robust integrations.

Read this whitepaper to know:

• What technologies are available and how they work together

• How to achieve transparency in supply chains thanks to technology

• How to gradually adopt technologies and move up the value chain for customers

digital mature whitepaper

The steep road from basic
technologies to top supply chain

By exploring gaps in the digital strategies of logistics providers, we can uncover a relevant technology mix that allows them to deliver value-added services. Looking at the pyramid below, logistics providers can clearly understand what they’re missing and what they’ll face along the digital journey they’ll inevitably undergo in the next few years. The future of logistics technology is near, and those who are prepared will be the winners.

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Top Level 3: Innovation-driven integration

What’s now: Uncertain yet promising concepts:
digital twins, blockchain, decentralized P2P platforms, edge computing, and 5G conectivity

What’s next: Experimentation and growth of R&D capabilities, proof of market readiness, and collaborative expertise to provide fully digital, autonomous, and transparent logistics

Advanced Level 2: Value-driven automation

What’s now: Enough visibility to track and manage wider segments of the supply chain, creating value-added services based on data input from Level 1

What’s next: Implementation of cross-industry expertisen AI, IoT, and cloud to create transparent supply chains through overall automation

Basic Level 1: Data-driven intelligence

What’s now: Already adopted technologies for sensing, tracking, and monitoring of assets, fleets, and drivers to plan ahead, eliminate gueswork, and optimize routes

What’s next: Standartization of solutions, common access to data, and a systematic approach to move up the value chain to Level 2

Who will be the winner? Tech readiness decides

Get ready for the future of logistics by create the best mix of value-driven technologies for your customers and make your supply chains transparent, safe, and resilient. Nurture a technological culture throughout your business that drives change based on logistics technology trends. Find out where to take on risk in order to innovate and where to apply best practices learned from the failures of others.

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