Telecom Digital Transformation:
Capturing Value in the Cloud

Digital transformation in telecom is not merely a choice but rather a compelling necessity. Telecom companies are about to play a pivotal role in the upcoming evolution of society and connecting people. With the pandemic, online media and video content consumption have grown drastically, and the dynamics are promised to rise. By the end of the next year, we expect to see the immense growth of global IP traffic up to 400 exabytes per month.

Facing a broad landscape of significant business challenges, communications service providers (CSPs) need to adapt to the fast-paced digital transformation in the telecom industry. The last one is about to affect both the core and periphery of the network and data centers. It is also expected to hinge upon parallel transformations of culture, organization, skills, services, operations, and customer engagement.

The future of telecom industry depends on the ability of telcos to deliver convenience, data security, stability, and services coherence to the customers. The companies that lack digital maturity or stay resistant to change might make a costly mistake by underestimating the impediments of the transformation journey.

This whitepaper won’t only uncover the latest technology in telecommunication. It aims to show why digital transformation and adoption of cloud technology is the most winning strategy to take over the industry competition at all touchpoints.

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Digitalization level upgrade: latest trends in telecom industry

Telecom industry digitalization aims to bring all communication services under one umbrella, along with cutting costs and enhancing efficiency. Cloud computing technology lies at the heart of these changes, with both small and large telco companies starting to turn to it. This is nothing more than the industry’s response to customer demands.

Revealing the key trends:

• Adoption of cloud technology

• Choosing between public, private, and hybrid cloud storage

• Migrating workload from on-premises setup to the cloud

• Migrating functionalities to the cloud-native services

• Improving, collecting, structuring, and analysis of data

• Adoption of different service models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS (VAS)

• CX evolution: up to 360-degree omnichannel management

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Taking over the future of telecommunications

Start your digital transformation by examining top technological trends that shape the telecom industry. With this whitepaper, you will explore cause and effect relationships between issues faced by CSPs and the solutions brought by digital initiatives to transform the telecom data center. Dive deep into the transformative impact of cloud computing technology and apply the best industry practices to win the industry competition.

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