Emissions-Free Agriculture: Technology vs Global Warming

Agriculture is a victim of climate change. But it’s also a cause.

One-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions come from agricultural practices. With the population growing and demand for food increasing, greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture are only going to get worse.

To achieve a carbon footprint reduction, the agricultural industry has an obstacle to overcome: a lack of digital collaboration. To effectively tackle global warming, agricultural companies should use modern technologies. But those are usually challenging to implement. That’s why agribusinesses have to team up with technology partners to efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Get ready for the emission-free future! Prepare by reading our whitepaper — an essential guide for agricultural companies on how to minimize agriculture emissions and become more climate-resilient and environment-friendly.

Read this guide to:

  • Discover the types of agriculture GHG emissions
  • Learn common ways of reducing agriculture greenhouse emissions
  • Find out what tech solutions make agricultural practices less dangerous for the environment
  • Learn how agricultural businesses can benefit from the use of advanced technologies
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Fighting global warming with technology

Modern technology solutions have become tools against climate change, helping AgriTech companies get to the roots of agriculture greenhouse gas emissions to fight them efficiently. By collecting data, AgriTech solutions allow farmers to optimize their current processes and reduce agriculture emissions.
Technologies that can reduce agriculture greenhouse gas emissions include:

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IoT sensors

Collect and transmit various data on farming processes

Data analytics and management

Provide insights and statistics on farming

Predictive analytics

Calculate possible future outcomes and give advice based on data

Indoor and vertical farming

Grow plants in a controlled environment

AI/ML-enabled monitoring

Accurately monitor fields and optimize processes

Moving to the cloud

Ensure infrastructure for storing and processing data

Can agricultural technologies avert global warming?

Find out about the popular technologies that help farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture — and discover solutions on the horizon that will tackle climate change.

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